• Bruschetta Classica

    180 THB

    grilled bread topped with marinated tomato in olive oil and garlic

  • Bruschetta Vegetables

    190 THB

    grilled bread topped with eggplant and tomato

  • Bruschetta Speciale

    280 THB

    grilled bread with fresh tomato, avocado and shrimps in guacamole flavor

  • Tuna Tartare

    370 THB

    with avocado marinated in tamarind sauce

  • Grouper Tartare

    320 THB

    in orange olive oil dressing

  • Fresh Tuna fillet

    370 THB

    slightly grilled mix garden salad with tomato cappers & quail egg

  • Deep fried Crispy Shrimp

    250 THB

  • Deep fried Crispy Calamari

    250 THB

  • Deep fried Crispy Vegetable

    190 THB

  • Prawn Croquettes in Thai herbs flavor

    280 THB

  • Prawns Salad

    280 THB

    steam prawns with green leaves, avocado and capers

  • Seafood

    290 THB

    green salad, Seafood, cucumber, tomatoes, and celery in lemon olives oil dressing

  • Classic Ham & Cheese toasted bread

    160 THB

  • Homemade Classic Hamburger

    240 THB

    served with French fries

  • Club Sandwich

    250 THB

    with sliced breast Chicken and fried bacon served with French Fries

  • Caprese

    240 THB

    Mozzarella slices served with fresh tomato and homemade pesto sauce

  • Campagnola salad

    220 THB

    green salad, carrots, cucumber, tomato, egg in balsamic vinegar & olive oil


  • Creamy Pumpkin soup

    160 THB

  • Broccoli soup

    160 THB

  • Vegetables soup of the day

    150 THB


  • Spaghetti Bolognese

    270 THB

    minced beef in tomato sauce

  • Spaghetti Carbonara

    270 THB

    original recipe carbonara sauce made of egg and bacon

  • Penne al Pesto

    250 THB

    penne with home made Pesto sauce

  • Spaghetti Marinara

    360 THB

    spaghetti with mix Seafood, Calamari and Prawns

  • Spaghetti Vongole

    290 THB

    Clams in white wine sauce and parsley

  • Barracuda Bolognese

    290 THB

    minced Barracuda fillet in white wine sauce and fresh tomato