• Fresh Summer Rolls Prawn

    220 THB

    wrapped raw vegetables in rice paper & homemade peanuts sauce

  • Seafood and vegetables Spring Rolls

    220 THB

    Homemade Crunchy seafood and vegetables Spring Rolls served with chili sauce

  • Chicken Satay

    220 THB

    Thai style marinated chicken served with peanuts sauce

  • Thung Thong

    230 THB

    pork pocket pastry and herbs

  • Yam Woonsen

    280 THB

    Seafood glass noodle salad in lime and coriander dressing

  • Green papaya salad

    150 THB

    marinated with chili lime dressing in fish sauce


  • Tom Yam Goong

    250 THB

    typical prawns soup with herbs and original Thai flavors

  • Green curry soup

    230/290 THB

    with Chicken or Seafood in coconut milk, slightly spicy

  • Tom Ka soup

    220/280 THB

    with Chicken or Seafood in coconut milk

  • Pad Thai

    200/250 THB

    stir fried rice noodles with chicken or seafood in original Thai sauce

  • Stir fried noodles

    220/280 THB

    with Chicken or Seafood and mix fried vegetables


  • Steamed Seabass

    470 THB

    marinated in garlic lime sauce with chilly and coriander

  • Red Snapper or Seabass

    490 THB

    in oven with lemongrass and kaffir leaves served with baked potato

  • Prawns in “SAMSON” Thai Rum sauce

    420 THB

  • King Prawns

    580 THB

    cooked in pan with garlic and black pepper served with roasted potatoes

  • Poo & Hoey

    420 THB

    Crab and Clams in yellow curry powder sauce with vegetables

  • Pla Sak Paneng

    440 THB

    Barrcacuda fillet in red curry Paneng sauce

  • Pra muk Kraprow

    390 THB

    full Calamari filled with sautéed mix vegetables

  • Kai Thord Trakai

    340 THB

    Fried: chicken breast slices marinated with lemongrass

  • Hor Mok Talay

    360 THB

    coconut milk curry seafood soup served in natural fresh coconut nut

  • Pineapple fried rice with chicken or seafood

    310 THB

    served in half pineapple with vegetables

  • Green curry fried rice with chicken

    290 THB

    with vegetables and boiled eggs

  • Green curry fried rice with seafood

    350 THB

    served with vegetables and boiled egg

  • Massaman Curry Chicken or Seafood

    290/370 THB

    in Yellow curry with potato and peanuts


  • Stir fried mix vegetables sautéed

    180 THB

    in soy bean sauce

  • Ginger mix vegetables sautéed

    180 THB

    in soy bean sauce

  • Morning Glory (Chinese spinach) sautéed

    180 THB

    in soy bean sauce